Paving Repairs

At ABA Construction™, our dedicated asphalt maintenance crews provide a wide range of paving repair services tailored to suit various budget requirements. With years of experience, we have perfected proven techniques and processes to deliver exceptional results. Whether it’s applying a cut-out repair to fix a damaged area or re-leveling a low spot, we ensure seamless integration between the new asphalt and your existing pavement, guaranteeing a high-quality finish. Trust ABA Construction™ to deliver expert solutions for all your paving repair needs, providing long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

Crater Kings

ABA Ashalt Ramp: Process Experience the expertise of ABA Construction™ in installing our renowned hot asphalt garage ramps. With thousands of successful installations over the past decade, we specialize in these hot-mix asphalt repairs. If your home has a depression at the garage, where the asphalt is lower than the garage sill by 2 or more inches, we’re here to provide a solution.

Our streamlined process begins with thorough cleaning and preparation of the sunken area, using an asphalt adhesive for optimal adherence. We then supply fresh HL3 hot-mix asphalt, meticulously paving the area and sculpting the repair to match the contours of your driveway. Excess aggregate is carefully removed, and all edges are squared off before applying our custom hand roller for a smooth finish.

When we complete the installation of the new pavement section, our hot asphalt ramp ensures a seamless transition back into your garage. Rest assured that all residential paving repairs by ABA Construction™ are backed by our comprehensive 2-year renewable paving warranty. Trust us for a long-lasting solution that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

ABA Asphalt Ramp: Process

No matter the size of the asphalt damage, ABA Construction™ is here to assist you. From minor impressions to significant craters on your property, we have the expertise to restore integrity to the affected area.

Once we agree on the total number and square footage of repairs needed, ABA Construction™ springs into action, meticulously fixing the damaged asphalt to bring back its strength and durability. To ensure longevity, we seal over our repairs, creating a water-tight barrier that extends the life of the new asphalt. This seamless integration seamlessly blends the old and new sections.

For our commercial clients, we go the extra mile by providing an aerial map that outlines the total square footage and layout of the localized patchwork. This detailed map eliminates any confusion during the estimating process, ensuring clear communication and accurate project assessment. Trust ABA Construction™ for comprehensive paving repair solutions that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

Aerial Map View

Over time, tire ruts can develop under the weight of your vehicle. At ABA Construction™, we specialize in addressing this issue with our expertise in repair.

To begin, we thoroughly clean the depressed area before applying our asphalt adhesive, ensuring optimal adherence. Next, we pave a new section of asphalt using HL3 hot-mix asphalt, effectively covering the low-lying area. By precisely leveling the new pavement to the existing high spot or “crown,” ABA Construction™ creates a seamless transition between the new asphalt and your existing surface.

Rest assured that all residential paving repairs by ABA Construction™ are backed by our comprehensive 2-year renewable paving warranty. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and provide you with long-lasting, reliable repairs.
Tire RutsTire Indent

Exclusive Benefits: Combined Paving Repairs and Sealing Maintenance

When you choose ABA Construction™ for both your Paving Repairs and Sealing & Maintenance needs, you gain access to industry-first exclusive benefits designed to enhance your experience:

  1. No Inflation Pricing: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fixed, transparent pricing. We are committed to providing fair and consistent rates without unexpected price increases.
  2. No Charge Touch-Up on Previous ABA Repairs*: If necessary, we offer complimentary touch-up services on previous ABA repairs, ensuring their continued durability and seamless integration.
  3. Free Extended Warranty on Previous ABA Repairs: Benefit from an extended warranty on previous ABA repairs, further safeguarding your investment and providing added protection.

Experience the advantage of choosing ABA Construction™ for comprehensive paving solutions, where exceptional service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Bring Your Vision to Life

At ABA Construction™, we are committed to extending the lifespan of every driveway and parking lot we maintain. With our expert Paving Repairs and application of a fresh coat of liquid asphalt seal, your residential or commercial asphalt surface will retain its pristine appearance for years to come. We stand behind our work with a guarantee.

Take the first step towards professional asphalt maintenance and Contact us today. Book our services and experience the difference of ABA Construction™. Your satisfaction is our priority.