Paving Repairs

ABA’s asphalt maintenance crews offer a multitude of paving repair services designed to fit most budget requirements. Using proven techniques and processes that have been perfected over the years, ABA can either apply a cut-out repair to fix a damaged area, or simply re-level a low spot while providing seamless integration between the new asphalt and your existing pavement.

Crater Kings

ABA Ashalt Ramp: Process One of ABA’s specialties is installing our signature hot asphalt garage ramp. Over the last decade, we have installed literally thousands of these hot-mix asphalt repairs. If your home currently has a depression at the garage, meaning that the asphalt is lower than the garage sill by 2 or more inches, ABA is here to help!

Our process is simple. First, we clean and prep the sunken area with an asphalt adhesive for maximum adherence. Next, we supply fresh HL3 hot-mix asphalt to pave the area, carefully sculpting the repair to fit the contours of your driveway. Finally, we remove any excess aggregate and square off all edges before smoothing out the repair with our custom hand roller.

By the time we have finished installing the new section of pavement, our hot asphalt ramp ensures a smooth transition back into your garage. All ABA residential paving repairs are backed by our comprehensive 2-year renewable paving warranty.

ABA Asphalt Ramp: Process

From the smallest impression in the asphalt to the largest crater on your property, ABA is here to help!

Once the total number and square footage of our repairs have been mutually agreed upon, ABA goes to work to fix the damaged asphalt, bringing back integrity to the area. We then seal over our repairs to provide a water-tight barrier and extend the life of your new asphalt, ensuring seamless integration from old to new.

We also provide our commercial clients with an aerial map that outlines the total square footage and layout of our localized patchwork in order to avoid any confusion in the estimating process.

Aerial Map View

Over time, ruts may develop under your car’s tires, and this is where ABA comes in with another specialty repair.

First, we address this with a thorough cleaning of the depression before applying our asphalt adhesive, which is required for proper adherence. Next, we then pave a new section of asphalt over the previous low-lying area using HL3 hot-mix asphalt. By encompassing the entire area with new hot-mix and levelling it again to the existing high spot or “crown”, ABA provides a seamless transition between the new pavement and your existing asphalt surface.

All ABA residential paving repairs come with our comprehensive 2-year renewable paving warranty.

Tire RutsTire Indent

We Have You Covered

When you combine ABA Paving Repairs with Sealing & Maintenance, you are entitled to the following industry-first exclusive benefits:

  • No Inflation Pricing
  • No Charge Touch-Up on Previous ABA Repairs*  (*If Necessary)
  • Free Extended Warranty on Previous ABA Repairs

Make It Happen

Our company is dedicated to prolonging the life of every driveway and parking lot we sustain. By professionally maintaining your asphalt with our Paving Repairs and a fresh coat of liquid asphalt seal, your driveway or commercial lot will continue to look sharp for years to come. We guarantee it.

Contact us and book your professional asphalt maintenance today!