Sealing & Maintenance

Over 10 Years of Professional Sealing Experience!

Established in 2010, ABA is dedicated to providing a new standard of excellence in customer service and integrity within the asphalt sealing & maintenance industry. With unmatched professionalism, we proudly offer a customer-centered approach and service over 7,500 customers across the province.

Our commitment to excellence is simple – we strive for complete satisfaction with each and every client prior to receiving payment. We are confident that you will find our workmanship and customer service a refreshing change compared to the competition. Don’t deal with amateurs – trust the pros: The Allison Bros.

ABA VS The Other GuyABA Construction employs only trained & certified technicians using the latest industry-specific equipment to ensure that the job goes down correctly with no areas of overspray. Our team follows a clear and concise pattern with the correct volume of product to ensure the best possible results every time.

The Other Guy

The Other Guys applied their application on the same day to the other side of this shared driveway.  In comparing the two jobs completed within hours apart, you will notice an inconsistent pattern of application leaving lines, a diluted product (often mixed with diesel fuel to cut costs), and overspray on the step.

Non-registered contractors will often dilute their asphalt sealer with diesel fuel to save costs on your project. Although this “old trick in the book” allows some contractors to spray driveways for cheap (often for cash), the end result is an extremely glossy sheen that turns your driveway brown as it cures.

In contrast, ABA only uses JetBlack® seal products sourced directly from the manufacturer which stays black once applied to your driveway. Although it does not hide any of your current imperfections (cracks, etc) JetBlack® penetrates the surface of your asphalt like a stain and provides long-lasting weathering protection.

Great for Your Asphalt

Professional driveway sealing using JetBlack® an oil-based asphalt sealer, will take your old faded, weathered, dried-out driveway and fully rejuvenate it. Naturally, over time, your asphalt driveway will lose its original oils causing it to become brittle and crack. Our products re-inject your asphalt with liquid asphalt and bring it back to life, giving it the flexibility for all-weather durability while creating a water-seal barrier.

Driveway sealing